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How much is the Registration Fee and is it refundable?

The Registration Fee is $25 per student (There are discounts if registering more than one student).  Unfortunately, the Registration Fee is NOT refundable.  Graduates of the 2014-2017 Season, DMT or DLT Programs do not need to pay registration.


When does registration close?



What does registration entitle me to receive?

As a registered student of CCD you will receive the following:   - FREE PASS to GCF Workshops and Conferences (GCF Retreat is excluded)   - 1 or 2 FREE tickets to all CCD & GCF Concerts.


How much is the Tuition?

The 2017-2018 monthly tuition rates are as follows: * Please note the changes *


The preferred way to pay for tuition is online using the "Pay Class Tuition" Link prior to coming to class.  We are NOW also offering discounts for tuition payments made in advance!




Per Student | Discounted if paid in advance

  • September - November.....$135/student for three months ($45 per month)

  • December - February.....$130/student for three months ($45 per month)

  • March - June.....$180/student for four months ($45 per month)


Month to Month Plan

  • 1-Student / $55 (Approx. $13.75 per class)

  • 2-Student / one class: $100 - $50 per student ( Immediate family only, Grandparents, Parent, Child)

  • 3-Student / one class: $150 - $50 per student (Immediate family only, Grandparents, Parent, Child)


Can I pay per class? (DROP IN CLASSES)

Unfortunately, we do not have any "open classes" at this time.

When is Tuition due?

Tuition is due the first class of each month i.e. Tuition is due your first class in September 2017, 


What if I want to take 2 courses?  How much would it be?

Once you are a registered student, you are welcomed to take as many course as you'd like.  Each additional course is $40 per student.  CCD registered students are welcomed to "sit in" on a class before committing.


Am I able to switch classes in the middle of the year?

Absolutely!  You are welcome to switch classes at any time.  We ask that you put your request in writing after discussing the switch with your instructor and email it to

Am I able to drop a class in the middle of the year?

Absolutely!  We ask that you put your request in writing and email it to


Can I invite my friends/family to view my class?

Unfortunately, we can not allow people to view our classes without permission from the Artistic Director.


Tuition and Class


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