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Specialized Training for Beginner Dance Ministers


The Liturgical Dance Studies (LDS) Certificate Program is an instructor-led online learning program specifically created to educate dance ministers of all ages and beginner technique levels in the fundamentals of liturgical dance ministry and dance basics. We have recently revised this program to meet the current needs of Liturgical Dancers and have included an Introduction to Ballet & Modern Sessions as well as an Introduction to Conditioning & Flexibility.  Within two months, students will receive a certificate in Liturgical Dance Studies all from the convenience of their homes.  Our online platform is easily accessible from any computer, laptop, or mobile device.  The program consists of 6 sections over the span of 6-weeks.


We are excited to announce that this program will be offered at our Pottstown Facility throughout the year.

QUESTIONS?  Feel free to use the Website Chat feature or email us at

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•Liturgical Dance Defined, Dance throughout History

•Dance in the Bible - Study Hebrew & Greek

•Liturgical Dance Theory, Garments/Attire

•Ballet & Modern Dance Basics

•Intro to Flexibility & Conditioning

who should enroll?

  • Introductory / Beginner-level Dance Ministers

  • Dancers with Intro/Beginner training in a dance discipline

  • Those interested in Dance Ministry

  • Liturgical Dancers

  • Worshippers

  • Mature Teenagers - Adults

your instructors


Minister Andra Forest

Kimberly Brown-Phillips.JPG

Kimberly Brown-Phillips

all nations welcome

We welcome all international students!  We are proud to have a thriving and diverse global community of spirit-filled students and graduates in over 22 nations.  Our international students are important to us and we are here to support them.  Our online programs offer the flexibility of watching pre-recorded lectures to accommodate those in different time zones all around the world.  Currently, all of our courses/contents are in the English language however, we will make special considerations for those in which English is their 2nd language.


JANUARY 8, 2024
FEBRUARY 26, 2024
MAY 27, 2024
JULY 1, 2024
SEPTEMBER 30, 2024



"The LDS Program helped me in understanding the gifting of dance as a ministry. I was able to read the scriptures that were related to dance and those who expressed dance in a celebratory type of worship. I learned that dance also expresses the heart of God through visual movement. The importance of preparing your temple before ministering and covering the ministry through prayer. The use of instruments (flags, streamers, fabric, tambourine, etc.) as a weapon during a dance and why it is being used; also, what they may represent in scripture to get a clear understanding. Overall the class was fabulous and informative."  Cathryn Stamps

"I was truly blessed , the theory and practical took me to new heights in my spiritual life. My life will never be the same. Thank you!" I am now able to step up to the God given task of ministering at my church . Helping young people to do the same. This is a dream come through .

Marsha Cochrane

"This dance program has given me a deeper understanding of my call to dance, the meaning of dance and why I dance. The live video sessions were electric and engaging, dance in the word of God was revealed. In all this was a wonderful experience."  Marita Jardine

"The LDS program provided so many useful principles and tips that will take my dance to the next level! I tremendously enjoyed the Facebook live sessions and the interactions with Minister Kimberly Brown-Phillips and my classmates. It was very encouraging as we realized that we're all at different levels but dancing to the glory of the same God. I highly recommend the LDS program to all liturgical dancers, regardless of their background. It will help to propel you and your dance ministry to another level. It was a blessing!! Thanks Kimberly Brown-Phillips and CCD!!"  Susanne Palmer​

“All or Nothing,” was the firm yet gentle words from my Heavenly Father at the closing of 2018! I knew that it was time to enter into a new season filled with new levels and new dimensions. The new LDS Course under CCD’s training and education has had a wonderful impact in assisting me as I continue to dance into the manifestation of what God has spoken. The Instructor is very passionate as well as filled with an anointing to impart knowledge and revelation of the Liturgical Dance Ministry experience. I plan to further my dance ministry education with CCD in the future! "  

Denise Cook-Godfrey​

Required Textbook


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TUITION FEES& deadlines

Fees & Tuition Information:

•Registration fee (including Graduation Fee)....$35.00 / Late Registration $45


•Total Amount...$135.00 / Late $145.00

Enrollment Information:

  • Enrollment will open on May 6, 2024

  • Enrollment for July on June 7 at 11:59 AM EST. 

  • Late Enrollment opens on June 10, 2024 - June 14, 2024, and closes on April 26, 2024, at 11:59 AM EST.


*Please note that if this class has low enrollment, you may be asked to start this program at a later date*

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