"Teach and Empower"

These two words are the driving force of Christ Center for Dance!  Since 2004, this theme has echoed in our hearts and has birthed a passion to excel, persevere and strived for promote Christian principals in the arts.  By faith, we pressed onward to touch as many lives as we can by creating a platform for people to trained and be educated in the art form of dance and worship arts while being in a Christian environment.  We are fully aware that the word, "Christian" is not a very popular word in our culture however, we endeavor to love all with the love of Christ while upholding Christian values.


We often say that we are changing the world...one dancer at a time but as you can imagine impacting our world and communities takes hard work and dedication therefore, we are calling on YOU to help! 


Consider becoming a CCD Volunteer and be apart of something great!

Whether you are educated or unskilled, we will find a place for you within CCD where you can make an impact. We are asking that all volunteers make a 12 month commitment.  Though at this time a monetary stipend can not be offered, most volunteers will enjoy FREE dance classes at CCD. 


If you want to be apart of something great, something that will not only change your life but the lives of many others....JOIN US!





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