Leaders are not born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else.  Through hard work. 


DLT001: God Has Need of You

DLT002: Teaching & Imparting to Others

DLT003: Liturgical Dance Theory

DLT004: Dance - Biblical Foundations

DLT005: Liturgical Dance Foundations

DLT006: Dance Ministry Genres


DLT007: Dance Musicality
DLT008: Dance Terminology
DLT009: Teaching Dance
DLT010: Warm-up & Stretching Techniques
DLT011: Choreography Development
DLT012: Starting a Dance Ministry


Meet The Instructors

Kimberly Brown-Phillips

Minister Jacqueline Brown, MDiv

Eual A. Phillips

What is the total cost? 

The total cost of the Certification is $ 585 which includes all courses and the registration fee. The cost is broken up into monthly payments (you pay for each course monthly) ranging from $25 - $65.


When is Tuition due?

Tuition is due before the first day of each course.  If tuition is not paid, you may still take the course (onsite or online) for 1 week.  After that time, a $10 late fee will be applied to the account.  Tuition must be paid in order to receive credit for your course. Tuition is not refundable and can not be transferred.


When will I receive my transcript or final grade?

You will receive your grade for each course completed 1-2 weeks after the course end date and a final transcript 1-4 weeks after the end of the program via email and mail.

Is there a graduation?

Absolutely! Our ceremony will be in Philadelphia, PA. Current DLT Candidates are encouraged to attend as well.


How much is the Registration Fee and is it refundable?

The Registration Fee is $25 per student.  Unfortunately, the Registration Fee is NOT refundable. 


When does registration close? 

**Registration closes December 31, 2019 for the January 2020 Online Group.

**Registration closes on January 18, 2020 for the January 2020 Onsite Group.


Is there an application process?
Yes.  Unlike the other dance certifications at CCD, there is an application process in order to be accepted into the DLT Program.  
Where can I take the classes?

Classes are offered ONLINE and ONSITE at the CCD Studio in University City, Philadelphia, PA.


What happens if I register but can not complete the certification or need to take a break?

Your grades will be saved for 6-months and you can rejoin the program when you courses are begin offered.  Please note that your leaveof absence must be sent to us in writing (email).


What is included in the program?

Teaching Videos, E-Books, FREE access to the CCD Virtual Dance Classroom


My question is not here....

We want to make sure that all of your questions are answered.  Please email or complete our online contact form HERE.





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