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diploma (afm)

Specialized and Comprehensive Education in Advanced Flag Ministry

***We have introduced a new flag program for those who wish to enroll in a comprehensive program but are not yet at an advanced level.   ***



Christ Center for Dance proudly introduces this NEW Diploma Program designed to equip those who are called into Flag Ministry. This advanced training program will equip and train  flag bearers in the call to ministry, prophetic flag ministry, choreography, and more!  The goal of the program is to produce a well-rounded person who is comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable in the area of Flag Ministry.


Students who successfully complete this program will receive a Diploma in Advanced Flag Ministry Studies. DLT Certification Candidates are welcome to take this program as a "Minor".  The program consists of 6-courses over than span of 7.5-8 months with breaks in between.

all nationswelcome

We welcome all international students!  We are proud to have a thriving and diverse global community of spirit-fill students and graduates in over 22 nations.  Our international students are important to us and we are here to support them.  Our online programs offer the flexibility of watching pre-recorded lectures to accommodate those in different times zones all around the world.  Currently, all of our courses/contents are in the English language however, we will make special considerations for those in which English is their 2nd language.

who SHOULD take this course...

  • Those with at least 4-5 years of flag technique and ministry experience

  • Those with at least 3-4 years of professional dance technique training

  • Those who can commit to at least one (1) hour each week to train in flag techniques


•Flag Ministry Foundations

•Advanced Color Study

•Prophetic Flag Ministry

•Techniques & Terminology

•Choreography Development

•Flag Ministry Genres


Are there any live sessions that I will need to attend?

No.  Your lecture teachings for each course will be pre-recorded so that you can watch them at any time.

Can I pay the tuition over time?

Yes. Tuition is due before the first day of each course so you will pay once each month.

What type of assignments will I have to submit?

There are several types of assignments which are essays, quizzes, discussion questions & video presentations.

What if I need to take a break from the program?

You can complete the Leave of Absence form and return to the program within 6 months.


The AFM Program impacted me in such a way that I've never known before. There were many years that I waved flags, ministered with flags, and spontaneous praise and worship, however, there was so much more that I learned after taking this class. From Liturgical Dance, Advanced Color Study, flag techniques, word study, choreography, and also Prophetic Flag Ministry, all of which I did not realize the importance of these specific courses before I took the program, that all of these parts are really major parts that really all work together when understanding the road to becoming a "Flagbearer". My testimony is that I've come to see flag ministry differently now and I do not look at flags and flag bearers the same as before I took the course. I take time more now to hear from God as the sound of God goes forth. I believe that this class has helped me to move forward in flag ministry and I'm so glad that I was able to take this course when it was offered.

Tracey Holland, Liturgical Dance & Flag Ministry Educator

 The Advanced Flag Ministry program at CCD is phenomenal. I've gained so much knowledge and understanding on the history of a flag bearer, color study, musicality, dance genres, and how to study the word of God and apply it to your ministry. If God is calling you to be a flag bearer or if you have a desire to flag, I strongly recommend the Advanced Flag Ministry Program at Christ Center for Dance.

Sharon L. Charleston, AFM Graduate


JANUARY 8, 2024
SEPTEMBER 30, 2024




Application Fee (included Graduation Fee).....$35 USD / Late: $45 USD

Courses: $45 USD /each course monthly

Total Amount: $305 USD (pay as you go!)

Students who successfully complete this program will receive a Diploma in Advanced Flag Ministry Studies. DLT Certification Candidates are welcome to take this program as a "Minor".

Please note that you must be accepted into this program as this is an Advanced Level Program.  After completing the application, we will notify you in 1-2 weeks with your status.

Enrollment Information:

  • Enrollment will open on July 29, 2024

  • Enrollment for September closes on September 13, 2024, at 11:59 AM EST

  • Late Enrollment opens on September 16, 2024, and closes on September 20, 2024, at 11:59 AM EST.

*Please note that if this class has low enrollment, you may be asked to start this program at a later date*

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