Eual Phillips, Kimberly Brown-Phillips, Jacqueline Brown, Sharon Daniels, Andra Forest, Traysey Holland



Kimberly Brown-Phillips



Angela Smith - Teaching Staff

Tiffany Reeves - Teaching Staff

Dave Droxler - School of Ministry, Administrator

Jacqueline Brown - Hr. Director / School of Ministry Dean

Tania Riberio - Assistant Chaplin

Andra Forest - Chaplin

Eual Phillips - School of Ministry Course Creator



Andra Forest, Jacqueline Brown




Christ Center for Dance (CCD) is a nonprofit Christian worship arts organization that serves to train, mentor, and equip worship artists, visual artists, and liturgical dancers.  With students and graduates in over 15 countries, CCD strives to be one of the world leaders and forerunners in online education for worship artists.  


Teach and Empower.  These two words are the driving force of Christ Center for Dance!  Since 2004, this theme has echoed in our hearts and has birthed a passion to excel, persevere, and strive to promote Christian principals in the arts.  By faith, we pressed onward to touch as many lives as we can by creating a platform for people to be trained and educated in the art form of dance and worship arts while being in a Christian environment.  We are fully aware that the word, "Christian" is not a very popular word in our culture however, we endeavor to love all with the love of Christ while upholding Christian values.


For over 10 years, Christ Center for Dance (CCD) has been serving the greater Philadelphia area by providing affordable dance education in a comfortable and encouraging environment.  Officially established as a 501c3 tax-exempt organization in 2004, CCD first began in Norristown, PA in community centers and religious organizations such as the Salvation Army and Partner for Families Community Center. Our mission is to teach and empower people to minister for the Lord through the arts.  Our staff and volunteers believe in this mission, feeling their work gives a unique voice to our students.  They serve as role models, echoing the phrases in their lifestyle that “it is better to give than to receive” and “all things are possible if you believe”.