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Specialized Training for Liturgical Dancers & Flaggers 

With a legacy spanning two decades, Christ Center for Dance (CCD) has been a steadfast presence in the greater Philadelphia area, offering accessible dance and flag ministry education. Our nurturing atmosphere has welcomed learners of all levels. The Group Liturgical Dance Classes are a fusion of liturgical dance grounded in dance ministry concepts, ballet, and modern dance styles along with time-tested flag ministry techniques, all delivered in our unique, spirit-filled teaching approach. Led by a team of experienced dance and flag ministry educators, our instructors are devoted to advancing the realm of worship arts. Join us in embracing the art of worship through movement and expression.


After prayerful and thoughtful consideration, we have officially launched the Reveal Dance Company which will offer classes that have replaced our regular ongoing classes.  Currently, as of January 2024, this company is only open to children ages 6-11 who have dance ministry experience (i.e. minister in dance at their church) or prior dance education (i.e. ballet, jazz, modern).  This company will present ministry presentations regularly with a focus on developing a life of prayer, hearing the voice of God, ministering prophetically, dance & flag ministry, and lyrical and modern dance technique training.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in this program, please email us at as they program is by invitation only.



  • September 11 - December 18, 2023

  • Enrollment deadline is September 17, 2023



  • January 6 - June 22, 2024


Begin by completing the application, and ensuring your child's place by paying the application fee. Following this, we invite you to schedule a studio visit, allowing your child to attend a class and engage in a friendly interview. This step is essential to ensure that our company aligns with your child's aspirations and interests. We understand that finding the right fit is crucial, so if, after the visit, you feel our company isn't the perfect match, rest assured—the application fee will be promptly refunded. 


Monday, 5: 30 PM - 7 PM - Reveal Dance Company, Level IC


  • Introduction Level (1A) - Students with no experience to Beginner Level.

  • Beginner Level (1B) - Students with at least one (1) year of ballet or jazz dance terminology.

  • Advanced Beginner Level (1C) - Students must have at least three (3) years of ballet or jazz terminology and dance ministry experience.  Students can be permitted into this class with the recommendation of a CCD Instructor.

  • Open Level - All levels are welcome.  The class will be taught at the level of the class.

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Our tuition payment system offers convenience and consistency. Tuition payments are pre-paid and are due every other month on the 1st class day of the month. Please note that the payment structure provided is applicable per student. While tuition cannot be prorated for absences, we do offer proration in case a class cancellation occurs. This ensures a fair and equitable approach to both attendance and unforeseen changes. Your commitment to learning and growing with us is greatly appreciated.

September - October (All Classes): $50
November - December (Weekday): $60, (Saturday): $40
January - February (All Classes): $60
March - April (All Classes): $60
May - June (All Classes): $60

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21 N. Hanover Street,  (Between High & King St.) Pottstown, PA 19465

*There is free street parking available.*

Young Ballet Dancer


Students are required to abide by the dress code. Hair is to be neat and secured off the face/neck.  Necklaces, bracelets and large earrings are prohibited.  Please see class descriptions for specific details.

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