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THIS IS MY TIME! 30 - DAY DEVOTIONAL CHALLENGE is the perfect gift for Christan Women who are ready to advance. This 8 x 10 trim-size beautiful devotional journal is carefully designed with scriptures to encourage you along your journey.

Each Day Includes:

  • Scripture - Grab your Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to highlight a scripture(s). Write the scripture reference in your journal and meditate on it for that day.
  • Daily Reflection - There is a daily reflection page for each day where you can write your thoughts and what Holy Spirit is saying to you.
  • Water Intake - Let's track how much water you are drinking each day!
  • Fitness/Exercise - Let's get physical! Write down what you accomplished each day.
  • Daily Goals - Select no more than three goals for each day.

This is My Time: 30 Day Devotional Challenge for Christian Women

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