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By Eual Phillips


The Coronavirus Prayer Guide: Redemptive Warfare Against Respiratory Illnesses is a prayer guide unlike any you have ever encountered! This guide provides focused intercessory targets that apply biblical, Christian, and scientific knowledge that will revolutionize how intercessors pray against illnesses and infirmities. Additionally, this prayer guide is written in such a way that the reader becomes educated about biomedicine as he or she reads the prayers out loud! This prayer guide provides biomedical insight into how to pray against covid-19 infections, how to intercede for those who have contracted the virus, and how to intercede for our healthcare professionals. Finally, this guide includes additional bonus prayers targeting other respiratory illnesses that exhibit similar symptoms to covid-19, such as influenza and asthma. If you are an intercessor who contends for healing miracles, then do not pass this opportunity to equip yourself and become more knowledgeable of strategic intercession in biomedicine!

Coronavirus Prayer Guide

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